Budgetary and Appropriations Law

Public grants play an increasingly important role, for example, in financing research and development, in achieving sustainability and digitalization goals, in providing public services or cushioning special situations caused by a pandemic or a crisis. We advise the public sector on the structuring of funding programs and the awarding of grants, on all issues relating to budgetary and funding law, as well as to state aid law. We also advise private companies with regard to compliance and application of funding law requirements, be it with regard to the applicability of public procurement law, compliance with the various auxiliary conditions or the correct presentation of the use of funds.

We also advise the public sector on numerous other budgetary issues. Whether it is frugal budgeting or specific requirements for founding or participating in companies: the federal, state and local governments are subject to the restrictions of the federal or state budget code or local government law in all decisions that have an impact on finances. Furthermore, public universities, for example, are subject to special budgetary requirements.